Car Insurance

car-insuranceCar insurance is one of the most important financial decisions made sometimes even before the purchase of a car. With the growing number of vehicles on the roads, it becomes imperative to choose one that will suit your needs fully.

The options to buying car insurance are many and the customer is truly king because it is a market driven by the buyer’s power and not the sellers. To the insurance companies, selling cheap car insurance or acquiring another customer is so important that they willingly offer discounts and other freebies to make an attractive offer.

Going online and checking out the dozens of companies that provide car insurance quotes, you will be able to receive a car insurance quote from them, giving you an idea of what to expect. It is important however to make a decision not simply on the lowest premium you are required to pay but also more importantly on the coverage of the plan. There are many kinds of coverage’s involved. Policies that cover the costs of damage to life and property (in this case the car), medical expenses, repair expenses, cover for the passengers traveling in the same vehicle and also for damages if the vehicle has been stationary at the time of the accident. What you choose depends fully on what you are trying to protect and how much you are willing to pay for it.

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    Ya Abdillah Yabna Rosulillah
    Yabna Amiril Mu’minin yabna Fathimah Zahro

    Duh gusti kanjeng rosul
    Dinten niki kulo wadul
    Husain putro paduko
    Dipun pulosoro

    Duh gusti kanjeng nabi
    Paduko pun wanti-wanti
    Husain klangenane ati
    Dipun perjayani

    Duh gusti bagindo Ali
    Kang putro kaningoyo
    Eng tengahe oro-oro
    Mboten pinanggih toyo

    Duh kanjeng putro Zahro
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    Kejawi mung pitung doso
    Pun kroyok oro durjono

    Senadyan piyambaan
    Kang putro dados kroyokan
    Deneng ummat kang murtad
    Wadyo balane ibnu ziad

    Anggene merjayani
    Kadoso sanes manungso
    Putro kang dipumo-pumo
    Pun rogo gupak ludiro

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